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How to install Vesta File manager for free!!

Hey guys,

here is the simple trick to use vesta control panel file manager for free. Its not a crack but a simple hack.

here is what you have to do. Once you have installed vesta control panel successfully on server. Login to the server via SSH.

make sure you are root.

Open file /usr/local/vesta/conf/vesta.conf

at end of the file just enter the following



save the file, and that’s it!

you can now use file manager of vesta control panel for FREE!!


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  • Black Sesion

    it work, many thanks hussain!

    • @[email protected]_Ip0ikYBGSr:disqus
      Yes! After a few days it is removed automatically. And I do the same process via SFTP, open, edit and save and File Manager is back.

      • Grig Betsan

        If you want it without removal email me (Absolutely free) [email protected]

        • Chirag Aggarwal

          Please reply to my email :)

        • Subash Saha

          Chack e-mail

          • Grig Betsan


          • Subash Saha

            File manager permament, plz help me.. [email protected]

          • Subash Saha

            How to use free permament,

          • Subash Saha

            plz help me
            reply to my email :)

        • Guilherme Saade

          Pls send to my email [email protected] THANKS!!!!

        • T Galang Adil AU

          hi, sir, please email me how to do it, on [email protected] thanks before

          • Yahya Adi Styawan


          • Yahya Adi Styawan

            tes m

        • Rian Widianto
  • LÊ ĐAT

    it work but “ILOVEREO” automatically removed after a few days

    • Grig Betsan

      Yes, because they have license check. I wrote license server and if you want it email me at [email protected]

  • Atoz Sami

    it gives 505 error

  • Pavel Galkin

    Not working

  • Dz Mehedi

    Thanks its Working ! You are Awesome

    • Grig Betsan

      Check it again, 100% vesta deleted your license

      • Dz Mehedi

        You are right :) But I Do it Same Again, To Get Back The File manager.
        Every Time :)

        • Grig Betsan

          If you want it permament, email me at [email protected]

          • Subash Saha

            i use this File manager permament, plz help me..

          • Subash Saha

            You are right

  • Rana Hyder

    Thanks brother. It works.

  • Subash Saha

    I Find a video..(:

  • Subash Saha
  • Piter Melnyk

    Many thaks!!!
    God bless you and your family!!!

  • Doesn’t seem to work.

  • not working for me, i use winscp is that bad?

  • Dhruvik Patel

    Thank You SO much It Works…!!!!!!

  • arty online

    it works! thanks man:))

    just had to service restart vesta after that :D

  • Prashant Gupta

    thank works!

  • Ulisses Monte

    Thanks Hussain it worked, but then o the next day the file manager option disappeared again… I opened vesta.conf and the key was empty… I have already done it twice, and eventually it happened again. Would you know why?

  • Mrinal Rajpurohit

    no longer works!

  • Hey, I have done that. It works. However, that file keeps getting overwritten and the file manager disappears.

    • Mickelodian

      just set an sh file to automatically populate it when it gets overwritten and set a cron job to run it.

  • Berusaha Bangkit


  • Marcos Porto

    Thanks!!! It works!!

  • For some reason I add it and some days later it goes away… What could be happening?

  • Mohan Rao

    Thank you its work great can u help me for email on vesta cp.
    my mails are not working.

  • Maxim Belov


  • istok011

    Eventualy FILEMANAGER_KEY will get NULL-ed like FILEMANAGER_KEY=” and stop working.So a cron job like sudo crontab -e (choose editor,i go with nano,or option 1) and put this line to the end of file
    */5 * * * * sed -i ‘s/FILEMANAGER_KEY=”””/FILEMANAGER_KEY=”’ILOVEREO”’/g’ /usr/local/vesta/conf/vesta.conf
    this wil run every 5 minutes and reset FILEMANEGER_KEY back to ‘ILOVEREO’

  • Matthew Productions

    Thanks it worked! I used the Terminal and Nano to do it thanks!

  • Francisco Paixão


  • Ngo Van Duc Thanh

    Where can i Login to the server via SSH?

  • Thanks my friend!! <3